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Fix a series of issues introduced by Protégé and some weird imports...

Issues spotted by Niklas that have to be fixed:


1. The SKOS namespace is still the non-reverted ("2008") one.
According to <>, it should
be <>. (The reversion is described
e.g. at <>.)
Shouldn't this be changed in bibo (or is bibo "locked" to the 2008

2. Every use of rdfs:isDefinedBy (and the two rdfs:seeAlso) have
xsd:anyURI-datatyped literals as objects instead of actual URI:s.
Isn't that an error?

3. The (bibo) "abstract" property is also stated to be
rdfs:isDefinedBy "". I suspect it should be

4. There are a lot of statements about terms from other vocabularies.
I suspect many are "imported" for reasoners and/or Protegé to
function? But at least rdf:value being an owl:ObjectProperty seems
wrong, doesn't it?